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Yerrie Choo “Vacant”


Yerrie Choo’s work divulges a secret and horrific inner world. Obsessive pointillism and lumpy figures mark her work, often asking the viewer to stare into the face of the disgruntled.

Her solo show, “VACANT” held at disclosed Unlocation gallery, featured several large scale pen works.



According to Yerrie, “VACANT is a series that utilizes the blank space. The whites of the paper houses the people and objects within it, deliberately present in their lives. These people and places are unknown which questions the significance of faces and interactions within a space.”



Figures in Yerrie’s work tend to fade in and out of their personal hells. Uncomfortable seating, a sensation of dread, large collections of emptiness. Chewing with your mouth open sort of behavior. Unpleasant caricatures recall Crumb’s overzealous portraits, sweat, pores, frizz and all.


See more of Yerrie’s work at her website,

disclosed Unlocation site is

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